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St Andrews

St Andrews Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour highlights some of the main historical features inside the medieval church. All you have to do is click on the numbers on the church plan to the right and the information will appear in the area below.

Interior View from Tower Arch The Font The Poor Box The Parish Chest The Tribal Drummer Stained Glass Corbel Features Medieval Carvings View of Chancel Heathcote Altar Rail Carving East Window

4) The Parish Chest

This would have been used to store the parish registers and church treasures. Made of oak, it has a lock plate with three keyholes in it. One key would have been held by the rector, and one by each of the two churchwardens; all three key holders would have had to be present for the chest to be unlocked. It is dated 1633 and bears the initials of the churchwardens of that time.