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Aylestone Baptist Church is a gathering of Christians from in and around Aylestone. We have a strong emphasis on being family together and a long history of serving our community.

learning God’s love, sharing God’s love.

We are committed to being:

   •  Inclusive. We welcome people from every background into our family life.
   •  Nurturing.  We show concern for both the social and spiritual needs of those we encounter.
   •  Disciples. We are committed to following Jesus in everyday life.  
   •  Biblical. We root our understanding of life and faith in the bible’s teaching.
   •  Outward-looking. We serve our community as our neighbours and share our faith in Jesus with them.
   •  Fair. We uphold and work for justice and honesty in the church and wider world.

Our vision is for:

   • A church open to anyone in our community in need of friendship, advice, or support.
   • Membership that is significantly greater than its historic ceiling of 70-80.
   • Coordinated and generously-resourced children’s and young people’s work. 
   • A vibrant ministry to and by those in the ‘third age’ and older.
   • Widespread participation in regular opportunities for corporate prayer.
   • The good news of Jesus Christ to be heard by everyone in Aylestone.
   • Excellent community relationships throughout Aylestone because of the work of the churches.
   • Partnership with a small number of particular overseas missions.